Author: Anbhazhagan

The Kanyakumari district people are fond of sea fishes. Naturally, here we have a big market for sea fishes and on the other hand a huge vacuum for authentic fishes.... Read More

We would like to conclude the project presentation with a few appendices; i.e., List of Bizaka’s Community Members, List of Zaka’s Crypto Angels and List of Finanza’s beneficiary Self Help... Read More

At Bizaka, various business experts from various sectors, such as software, commerce, marketing, blockchain and finance, got united to initiate decentralized ventures. Firstly, we are to launch a decentralized e-commerce... Read More

Webbazar is made to rectify and ratify this. Here, local products are available to local people at the right price through local courier agents. The producer is also not exploited.... Read More

ZakaCoin on Digital Marketing

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is the future banking system especially for business transactions. Compared to traditional banking, DeFi functions without an intermediary or a centralized body. For this reason, Bizaka proposes... Read More

ZakaCoin on Digital Banking For SEO

Bizaka is a consortium that consists of Blockchain Experts, Angel Investors, Startup Entrepreneurs and Bizaka Community Members. It has got a unique idea that promotes all decentralized businesses conceptualized by... Read More