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Depending on the project requirements, some app owners prefer a type of hybrid app known as cross platform apps. We make sure that development on cross platform apps is... Read More

Payroll services include setting up companies for payroll with Canada Revenue and preparing their weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly or monthly payroll, paying the employees if the client wants us to do... Read More

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To remain on the edge of technology, Maple Brains seeks highly skilled resources and ensures our team participates in continued training in all the latest practices. Experience, future innovations,... Read More

Our team of skilled developers can design and deliver custom solutions to meet any requirements. Simple and reliable mobile rich technologies are used to achieve a seamless, scalable experience. Maple... Read More

To maintain an edge in your chosen industry, its important to have a website that matches current web trends and speaks to your clients on a virtual level. With... Read More

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Just having a website isn’t enough. If your website appears out of date or is full of errors, consumers will doubt the validity of your company. To keep your... Read More

Websites are to consumers what physical storefronts used to be. They present a window into your business for people browsing. Having a website that meets current trends gives credibility to... Read More

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For successful testing of mobile apps and software, testing of functionality, useability and consistency are mandatory. Our approach includes all testing tools as well as manual testing to ensure a... Read More

MapleBrains is a mobile application development services company that builds mobile apps using stable and reliable technologies. We provide iOS and iPhone app development services as well as android application... Read More

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MapleBrains Specializes in Custom development solutions to meet your individual goals. We implement future technologies and techniques deliver product standards among top development Companies. Visit us: Contact us: 506-204-8188... Read More