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Internal Medicine Doctor in Mohali

Are you looking for an internal medicine doctor in Mohali? You cannot decide who and where you should be advised? Sohana Hospital is the right place. Treating your medical problems.... Read More

Knee Replacement Surgeon | Sohana Hospital

Sohana Hospital has knee replacement surgeons with years of experience and a success rate of above ninety percent. The patients are provided with the best facilities and trained support staff... Read More

Neurologist In Mohali | Sohana Hospital

Would you want to seek advice from a neurologist in Mohali? Sohana Hospital has one of the quality neurology departments in Mohali. It includes skilled medical doctors and superior clinical... Read More

Level III near to me | Sohana Hospital

The Level III is a separate region of ​​the health center. It is devoted to the remedy and right care of untimely and underweight people. Sohana Hospital has a nicely... Read More

Child Specialist Hospitals in Chandigarh | Sohana Hospital

Sohana Hospital is one of the best Child Specialist Hospitals in Chandigarh. Pediatricians here are experienced and provide you with the best possible help for your child‘s treatment. With an... Read More

Nuclear Medicine Doctor near me | Sohana Hospital

Looking for a Nuclear medicine doctor near you? Sohana Hospital has well-known and experienced doctors to help you with your nuclear medicine diagnosis and treatment. Sohana hospital provides its patients... Read More

Heart Specialist Hospital Near Me | Sohana Hospital

Looking for a heart specialist hospital near you? Want to seek advice from an experienced heart specialist about your heart health? Sohana Hospital has one of the best cardiology departments... Read More

Urologist in Chandigarh | Sohana Hospital

A urologist is a doctor that helps you with the treatment of urology-related problems(urinary system related, kidney stones, prostate-related) and diagnosis. Sohana hospital has experienced Urologists in Chandigarh. They offer... Read More

Heart Specialist Hospital near me

Department of Cardiology at Sohana hospital is always on its feet for its patients, top heart surgeons and cardiologists, cardiology department staff and nursing staff make it an empathetic and... Read More

Knee Joint Replacement | Sohana Hospital

Have difficulty in moving in cold winters? Can’t bend knees and chilly weather causing unbearable pain? Don’t rely on medication if those are not working anymore. Knee joint replacement at... Read More