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Walnut oil – walnut oil benefits, price & uses – theyoungchemist

Walnut oil is extracted from the walnut kernels through cold pressed technique. Walnut oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties for the scalp and hair. Walnut oil is topaz in color... Read More

Thyme essential oil – thyme oil – thyme oil for hair – theyoungchemist

Thyme essential oil is extracted from plant through steam/hydro distillation. Thyme is an herb in the mint family, which is often used as a spice in cooking. Aside from adding... Read More

kiwi seed oil – Kiwi Fragrance Oil – Kiwi Oil Price – theyoungchemist

The aroma smells exactly like a plump, ripe, juicy kiwi fruit! It's deliciously sweet scent will feel you with positive vibes, rejuvenating and revitalizing your soul. Our Kiwi fragrance oil... Read More