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Benefits of essential oils for skin care

Benefits of essential oils for skin care

Submitted by • April 9, 2020

Essential oils are plant extracts made from flowers, leaves and seeds. Evidence now shows essential oils provide properties that can be very beneficial for your skin. Further evidence indicates organic essential oils that are in their purest form provide even more healing properties. There are now many clinical studies that support replacing of dangerous toxic chemicals in skin care products with the healing properties of organic, all natural essential oils.
Here are some of the organic essential oils that are used in the Joovani line of organic and all natural skin care line and their benefits:

Organic Lavender Essential Oil- You may have heard or read that lavender promotes restful sleep and relaxation, which it does, but this multipurpose organic essential oil also helps balance our moisture levels in your skin. It also is a natural anti-inflammatory that can reduce redness and swelling (or puffiness around your eyes) and is a natural hydrator without making it to greasy. Joovan

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