EYFS Program Sharjah | Day Care in Sharjah

The nursery will adopt the standard EYFS Program Sharjah for extended Day Care in Sharjah programs where the planned activities. Magic Kids Nursery adopts a holistic approach to child development. In the nursery, it is important that children develop their personal, social, and cognitive skills and become creative. The nursery aims to support the development of each child and prepare them for the forthcoming challenges of life. The nursery adopts the standard framework of the Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS), which covers every aspect of childcare and development, in the development of the curriculum. It ensures that children learn and develop in the early year settings and stay safe. In the nursery, the concept of cooperation will be enhanced & children will get the opportunity to share and take turns. They will learn to give importance to each other & develop a sense of empathy and togetherness among them.