As the current pandemic still hold us captive, we all have a number of battles to fight, both personal and communal. With positive cases, lockdowns, vaccinations and everything else going on, it’s only the tiny solaces in life that we can hold on to. And any such solace that helps us relax and forget the world for even a bit can be a good thing.

While we strictly adhere to social distancing rules and lockdown amendments thereby taking care of our physical health, it is also important to care for our mental health.

Knitting and Crocheting has come as a blessing to many helplessly locked in their homes as an activity that helps them relax effectively. It is a proven craft that is known to soothe bodies, minds and souls included. It helps you focus on things that are more important than the wrath of the pandemic resulting in a beautiful craftwork that you can be proud of. You can focus on yourself, your craft and your family.

Social media too has seen a spike in knitting hashtags and posts related to the wonderful craft. Knitter communities have come together and helped others to take up knitting as a hobby to cleanse their minds from all the negativity in the world. Celebrities have more than ever, come forward to encourage and have taken up knitting themselves.

Research too has shown that craft hobbies like knitting can boost self-healing in dreadful times like a pandemic. The benefits of knitting go beyond the simple act of mindfulness that occurs while you focus solely on your hands and the yarn in between them while thinking about every stitch that you make. The repetitive and rhythmic moments not only help you in meditation but also promote social bonding, make you feel productive and reduces stress by a great standard. Psychiatrists and psychologists in the world refer to knitting as one of the top contributors to fighting illnesses such as depression, anxiety and others hailing knitting as ‘an inconspicuous medicine to happiness’.

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