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How to Get Units Across Water in Civilization 6

How to Get Units Across Water in Civilization 6

Submitted by • June 27, 2020

The widely spread world of Civilization 6 is composed of landscapes, mountains, forests, oceans, rivers and lakes. Thus, it provides a quite similar experience to gamers as life does. These experiences could be good or bad, depending totally upon the tasks that gamers intend to perform. One of the main tasks in Civilization 6 is to invade the territories of other countries. Thus, to accomplish that gamers have to surpass several hurdles, including water bodies. While the players are planning to take down any city, they usually surpass either a river or an ocean. However, it seems quite fun but in reality, crossing the water is a nuisance, especially during the war. Thus, in this article, we are going to brief the gamers about getting off their military units across the water bodies in Civilization 6.

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