How To Register Domain name In Nepal At Free Cost

Hello everyone!!! Today, in this Article I'm going to teach you how to register .com dot NP domain for Free. So Read Carefully Without skipping i'm sure you will be able to get domain after reading my Article. For this Some Requirements are listed Below :-


1) Citizenship image Front and Back
2) Valid Email address eg:, etc.
3) Cover Letter ( generate your cover letter )

Note ūüôā Every image size must be below than 200kb and must be extension .jpg

Let's get started [] At first, open any web browser. I have opened Google Chrome. Type: "" on search-bar and hit 'enter' button. Click on: 'User Login' tab. Click on. 'Create User'. Now, fill-up your 'Full name', 'Email address', 'Password' in this form, and… Click on: 'Create account'. After you create your new account, you have to verify it. To verify your account you have to check your email. Now, open verification email and Click on: 'Verify'.

Then, 'Sign In' using your 'Email' and 'Password'. After Signing In, you will see this dashboard on your screen. Now, enter your 'domain name'. REMEMBER your domain name should be same as a name in the citizenship card. Click on: 'Search' to check whether the 'domain name' you are applying for is available or not. If the 'domain name' you entered is not available then you can either add numbers after your name or alter the position of your name and surname.

If your 'domain name is available' then Click on: 'Register now'. After you click on register now, you will see this 'fill-up form'. In 'Primary name server' and 'Secondary name server' field you have to fill the name server of your host. You can find many free domain host on Google. Here , I'm going to use Hurracine name server. If you want to use same server name as that of me then enter:

Free Name Server List

a) ( primary name server )
b) ( secondary name server )

Select any two out Of these and f

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