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The automated garbage bins/cans used for waste management or disposal are known as smart trash bins. It is a sensor-based, touch-less technology that reduces human effort. The need for smart... Read More

Cost-effectiveness as compared to that of the metals, growing end use industries, increasing application areas, and the emerging economy has resulted in the surging demand for 3D printing plastics. 3D... Read More

As per Scientific American, an American science magazine, the growth in the economy of a car have been increasing by 6 to 8% by allowing reduction in one-tenth of its... Read More

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The SLS has a massive core stage with a propellant tank and four powerful engines. It has two 54 meter long solid rocket boosters on either side. During the first... Read More

The demand for plug valve is primarily driven by applications for waste and water treatment. Due to severe water scarcity in many parts of the world, waste water and water... Read More