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Modern Animals That Resemble Dinosaurs

Modern Animals That Resemble Dinosaurs

Submitted by • February 8, 2020

Overall how we reacted to the Brachiosaurus death reflects our desires to see a real and live dinosaur. It would be great to see one wallowing in a lake, though I don’t fancy being chased by a T-Rex or a Utah Raptor. But as our understanding on dinos deepens, we become closer and closer on how they look like if they came walking with us. To my surprise I learned that they could be feathery, though some might be scaly and spiky as well. And now that we speak of downy dinos, it might be possible that some of these beasts might not be too different from our modern animals. This makes sense sometimes as we eventually learned some dinosaurs will evolve to become birds.

And as what you read above, we do have living creatures walking around us that seems to belong from a Jurassic Park/World movie. And below are just some of the lists.

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