NHS in crisis: Junior doctors vote for 6-month strike to demand credible pay offer

The British Medical Association (BMA) on Wednesday announced that 33,869 junior doctors have voted in favour of extending the industrial action and the
use of action short of strike (ASOS).

With a turnout of 62 per cent, their demand stems from the ongoing campaign for complete pay restoration. The new mandate will last till September 19, starting
on 3 April.

The BMA junior doctors committee co-chairs, Dr Robert Laurenson and Dr Vivek Trivedi, expressed frustration at the year-long strike action, highlighting the
government’s avoidance tactics to tackle soaring waiting lists, access to GPs and staff shortages.

“The government should see the urgency of the situation. Rather than waste time dragging out talks, they can come forward with a credible offer on pay right now. ”

“Instead, they could be celebrating a revitalised and reinvigorated junior doctor workforce, one that feels that their value has started to be restored. That
would be an achievement worth celebrating for everyone and begin to finally turn the tide on the deteriorating workforce crisis,” they said.