Preparing for Mediation Success

Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) where parties can negotiate the property and or parenting terms of their separation outside of the Court. Mediation can be cost-effective, efficient, flexible, and a viable alternative to Court proceedings.

When does the Court Order a Mediation?

In parenting matters (except in certain circumstances which include matters being heard on an urgent basis) parties will be required to attend a family dispute resolution conference/mediation and are expected to make a genuine attempt to resolve their parenting dispute prior to filing their Court application. Upon the parties completing the mediation the parties will receive a Section 60I certificate.

In property matters, there is no requirement that the parties must attend mediation before filing their application to the Court.

Mediation is a serious and often highly successful process in Family Law disputes. Being well prepared for your mediation can ensure higher prospects of success, below are some of the following considerations you should use in preparing for a mediation.

>> Consulting with a Lawyer
>> Preparing relevant documentation
>> Cooperating in the process

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