Redwood City Mold Inspection and Testing Services For Your Home Or Business – Bay Area Mold Pros

If you suspect or know you have mold growing in your Redwood City home or commercial building, contact Bay Area Mold Pros. We have the tools and expertise to pinpoint every area where mold is present. If mold is found, they have the training, equipment, and expertise to handle the situation. Bay Area Mold Pros offers professional and unbiased mold testing and mold inspection services in Redwood City. Mold Inspection is a thorough visual inspection of a home or building. During the inspection, the inspector will investigate all areas of the home or building from the top to bottom and even places you may not usually access such as crawl spaces, attics, HVAC systems, basements etc. Mold Testing is a technique used to identify the specific type of mold that is in your home, the number of mold spores in the air. Generally, mold testing is performed as the result of a mold inspection where mold issues were identified in order to further investigate the type of mold present and the potential danger it may pose. If you are a Redwood City homeowner, business owner, property manager, or facilities professional looking for a mold inspection and mold testing services in Redwood City, contact us today at (650) 762-6228 to schedule your Mold & Indoor Air Quality Inspection appointment. To get a free quote on a mold inspection and testing today visit