Root Canal Treatment Near Wrentham

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canals are an important oral procedure for a few distinct reasons. For many patients, a root canal will allow them to speak and eat again without pain. This procedure will also minimize the amount of damage to the tooth and potentially prevent a tooth extraction in the future. If the infection spreads to the interior pulp and canals, the patient will need a root canal to clear away the infected material and reinforce the tooth structure.

Root Canal Procedure
While Our Teeth Are Incredibly Resilient To Damage, The Interior Of Each Tooth Is Quite Susceptible To Infection. Root Canals Are Necessary When Tooth Decay And Bacteria Destroy The Outer Layer Of The Tooth And Infect The Interior Pulp. The Root Canal Procedure Begins With A Local Anesthetic Being Injected Into The Gums In Order To Numb The Area. Our Dentist Will Then Use A Special Drill To Make A Small Hole In The Tooth And Expose The Pulp. The Infected Pulp Is Removed With Specialized Dental Tools And The Chamber Is Reinforced With A Filler. At That Point, The Dentist Will Then Cap Off The Hole That They Have Made With A Crown Or Filling. Dental Crowns Are Custom-Made For Every Single Patient And Are Designed To Match The Look Of Their Natural Teeth.