Supreme Court gave a big blow to the Central Government regarding spectrum auction.

New Delhi Supreme Court has rejected the spectrum auction petition of the Central Government. The Supreme Court had given the order in 2012. Spectrum will not be allocated without auction. The Central Government had filed a petition in the Supreme Court to modify this order. The Register of the Supreme Court objected to the government's plea, saying there is no good reason to review the 2012 decision under the guise of clarification. Notably, this was clearly stated in the 2012 Supreme Court judgment in the 2G case. Allocation of public resources should be through public auction only. The first come first serve order of the then government was cancelled.
This petition of the Central Government has been rejected by the Registrar at its level after investigation. In the preliminary investigation, the registrar did not consider it worthy of hearing. If the Central Government does not accept the decision of the Registrar. So she can appeal again within 15 days. This right currently rests with the Central Government. The central government wants to allocate 5G spectrum on a first-come, first-served policy. For this, he had filed this petition in the name of clarification to modify the order of the Supreme Court. This is being considered a big blow for the central government.