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speech and language therapists,

Speech-language pathologists or Speech-Language Therapists are healthcare professionals who have the training and experience to provide therapy and treatment for people with communication, speech, and language issues. Speech-language therapists create treatment... Read More

Occupational therapy schools offer education and training to children with neurological disorders and developmental disorders. Occupational therapy aims to help people live a full and independent life. Most occupational therapy schools... Read More

Autism Best ABA Therapy Center

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a science that uses behavior analysis to study the influences of the environment and diagnose disorders such as autism. Behavior Technicians and Behavior Analysts will analyze... Read More

Texas pediatric speech pathologist

Pediatric speech pathologists help children with speech, language and communication disorders. They have skills required to understand the difficulties of children with communication disorders under the age of childhood. Speech pathologist... Read More

ASD affects almost 1 in 50 children in some parts of the world. Even though there are arguments about what is causing the disorders, like genetic reasons, there is no... Read More