The most amazing customer engagement tool ever — chatbots

Chatbots are the latest trend in customer engagement tools and are increasingly becoming reputed as a customer engagement tool.


Chatbots are replacing the old fashioned customer engagement techniques by automating tasks and eliminating overtime consumption.

Time is important to everyone. And 70% of the fallouts of leads is due to slow responses and slower customer engagement tactics.

Older techniques of customer engagement fell out of the market because they were repetitive, costly, time-consuming and often mismanaged.

With the fast-changing time, businesses need to keep up with their customers with newer and creative methods to keep their customers amused. Hence, chatbots came into the game.

Chatbots help the customers better with fast responses, suggestions, bookings, reminders and much more!

Customer support Chatbots have single-handedly revolutionized the customer experience and people are a lot more engaged now.

With chatbot development tools like Engati, you can even track your customers’ traffic and activities which allows you to make further improvisions.

To explore how chatbots act as a customer engagement tool, register with Engati!

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