Top Neurologist Doctor | Best Stroke Recovery Treatment

SRH is the top neurology hospital where they have a team consists of highly experienced neuro physicians for Stroke Recovery, head pain, muscle disease treatments. The Department of Neurology is one of the oldest neurology departments in the city of Coimbatore. Established in 1989, by Dr. K. Asokan, Chief Neurologist of the Hospital, the department has pioneered the management of stroke, epilepsy, headache, nerve and muscle disease with necessary injections, neuroimmunological disorders, and neurodegenerative disease.

The Department of Neurology works with two of the Best Neurologist In Coimbatore who uses cutting-edge medical technology and techniques to treat patients with neurological disorders. Our EEG & EMG Lab is well equipped and run by expert personnel and an assistant medical officer, who are available around the clock. Best suitable injections are administered to treat neuromuscular disorders.

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