VCI Packaging Paper Cost in Gurgaon, India | BENZ Packaging

At BENZ Packaging, we offer cutting-edge technology for your packaging needs, including our advanced VCI Films & VCI Bags, designed to provide ultimate protection against corrosion. These innovative films are engineered using high-technology resins and a custom co-extrusion process, resulting in higher mechanical strength and low water vapor permeability. The BENZ VCI FILM range introduces a VCI additive during co-extrusion, which sublimes from the plastic to safeguard packed metallic items from corrosion. Trusted by leading automobile manufacturers, steelmakers, and metallurgical companies worldwide, our VCI FILM products offer an easy, practical, and cost-effective solution to prevent corrosion damage. Their transparency allows for efficient goods placement and streamlined customs procedures, eliminating the need to open and compromise the packaging.