Visit desert safari camp jaisalmer

Jaisalmer luxury tent puts you in mind of restful repose in the desert, ensconced in cushions and gaddis in the central courtyard of the desert camp. There's the same luxury in the tent, too. When you can choose to schedule your safari and your meals, that's luxury. You can loll in the sun in the lounge chairs.The desert safari camp jaisalmer offers more than just camel and jeep safaris. In addition to excursions to Sam and Khuri sand dunes, and visits to abandoned towns and nearby villages, you can avail of a guided tour of the old town within the Jaisalmer Fort itself. Check out all the landmarks – the several Jain temples, Gadisar Lake with its opportunities for pedal boating, Vyas Chatri, Bada Bagh, Badal Vilas, Tazia Tower, Surya Gate. The latter is the most imposing of the gates embellishing the security of the old Fort. Immerse yourself in the culture of the place. Simply attend local puppet shows, or go shopping in the market for colorful fabric and exotic embroideries. Rooftop views of the town are yours at select tea places in the old town.