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When the Internet Turned Atheism Into a Joke

When the Internet Turned Atheism Into a Joke

Submitted by • February 8, 2020

Whenever I checked my social media updates, I try not to vomit when a raving religious fundamentalist use the Holy Book to justify that you are going to hell for not being one of them. It annoys me how we Catholics are mocked by other denominations simply because we do things differently. I was about to do a hub on how religious fundamentalism could ruin society, when a friend approached me to lament on what he was seeing lately.

To my surprise, my atheist friend is whining how his fellow “atheists” are behaving in the internet lately. We are well aware how toxic religious fundamentalism is becoming a problem, but the same can now be said on atheism.

And as my friend mentioned, they are getting worse as time passes.

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