Why choose Medline Academics as your career?

Connecting the skill gap amongst the medical aspirants is the need of the hour. With the usage of the latest technologies, Medline Academics offers you the best of the courses in IVF training, Embryology training and Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine of many other clinical and non-clinical courses available. The technology blended learning models in the basics of clinical embryology can empower the trainees with valuable insights about advanced procedures. Further, it can also enhance their employability upon the completion of their course.
And, what’s more?
You get the option to select whether you want only the theory study matter or just the practical training. Medline Academics offers separate certificates for online courses in addition to the physical certificates after the completion of the training program.
Have an educational experience like never before with Medline Academics!!!
Medline Academics imparts exceptional IVF Training in India and Embryology while simultaneously supporting fellowship in reproductive medicine.
Reproductive Medicine is a field in India which has a history of about 4 decades. The advances made in these last 40 years have contributed significantly to the introduction of new techniques and improved patient outcomes. To keep up with the developments so far, medical practitioners must join extensive training programs. With the recent drive to regulate the space of reproductive medicine initiated by the Government of India, the demand for formal systems of speciality training that are accessible across the country is gaining importance. Furthermore, the demand for such speciality training is also gaining importance creating the need for structured training programs in this field.
• Basic Infertility Course
• Basic Andrology Course
• Basic course in IUI
• Training in Endoscopy, Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy
• Fertility Nurse Training Program
• Basic Embryology Program
• Advanced ART Course for Clinicians
• Advanced ART Course for Embryo