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Wrestling in Ancient Egypt

Wrestling in Ancient Egypt

Submitted by • May 30, 2020

Back in high school, I love how Brendan Fraser starred in The Mummy movies. Yet after he dueled with the undead Imhotep, I came to wonder if that’s how ancient Egyptians really fight. To begin with, in The Mummy Returns, his character slug it out with the movies’ twisted version of the Egyptian 27th century BC chancellor. Whoever choreographed the fight scene, probably assumed that men used some ancient form of Kung Fu back then when they brawl, because that’s how the fight (at least how I see it) looks like. The duel was cut short, when a terrible CG animation of the Scorpion King broke free from the gates of the underworld.

Years later as I become more aware of the world around me, and as I become more exposed to martial arts, the memory of The Mummy Returns brawl came back. My curiosity on the martial arts of Ancient Egypt was reignited as soon as I learned of the existence of various forms of fighting styles. Turns out that Kung Fu and other Asian martial arts are not the only bra

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