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LR Tobacco is a leading brand in the Indian market for high nicotine tobacco

LR Tobacco is a leading brand in the Indian market, providing high nicotine tobacco to our customers. Established in 1958, We have always made customer satisfaction our highest priority. Our... Read More

Hydroponics Automation System by Higronics receives real-time data, and the Hydroponics System Controller manages all aspects of climate control. Automation is much needed in hydroponics. We can manage nutrient dosing, temperature,... Read More

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Lex Hygiene is the best control services company in Delhi NCR, Our service technicians understand the habits of different types of pests and can offer discreet and targeted pests control. Get... Read More

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We sell Plants,Flowers, Customized Bouquets, Plant and garden accessories and also offers services like landscaping, Interior designing, Swimming pool and Golf Courses Construction and Maintenance AWG, AW Gardens, Indoor Plants, Indoor... Read More

APL's Laser land levelling electronic kit is ideal solution to smooth the field and approved by the Indian Government. This comes with a rotatory transmitter, laser receiver, and a... Read More