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End of line packaging automation

LPMachinery was founded on 20 years of industry experience developed in the stretch film industry. Our objective is to supply state of the art solutions to help our customers business... Read More

Counseling online …………

L’eCounselor è un Counselor che opera online, specialista della relazione d’aiuto, integra le competenze comunicativo-relazionali del counseling con la tecnologia online. The eCounselor is a Counselor who works online, a... Read More

Buy the Superior collins Ink Printer

We can provide a full range of ink cartridges for all kind of applications, including solvent pigmented inks for dark non porous substrates and UV curing inks. It is also... Read More

Buy Ink Markem with Low-priced

We offer authentic wax ink by Markem, which delivers the best 1D or 2D code printing on edible items. This will eventually cut down extra costs of packaging and labels.... Read More

Launch the Spare Parts Imaje with low cost

Spare parts Markem Image also distinguishes that our clienteles have the requirement and aptitude to self-maintain their equipment with the appropriate training and suitable personnel. Spare parts Markem-Image can suggest... Read More

Launch the highest Quality of Additive Imaje

The key purpose of the leading companies is to make a highly compatible solvent to Additive Imaje. The companies use the highest quality raw materials and test these solvents to... Read More

Videojet Ink Printers profit customers from consumer packaged goods, pharmaceuticals, and industries. Industrial printing solutions that were just released will help you increase efficiency, protect and promote your brand, and... Read More

Buy the best quality of CIJ Inkjet Printer

A CIJ Inkjet Printer employs a high-pressure pump to drive liquid ink through a jar to label or brand a product and create a fast constant spray of tin droplets.... Read More

Buy Superior Ink Hitachi Printer

Printer ink refills are becoming increasingly common. This alternative allows you to save some money over purchasing new ones. When buying printer cartridges, it’s critical to consider the category and... Read More

Slitting and rewinding machine

LPMachinery is your ideal partner in reducing waste through process innovation and cutting edge technology in packaging solutions. Our machines produce the highest quality stretched film, producing consistently uniform thickness... Read More